Need-driven decision-making and prototyping for DLT: Framework and web-based tool

Tomas Bueno Momčilović, Matthias Buchinger and Dian Balta


2023 · doi: 10.48550/arXiv.2307.09188


In its 14 years, distributed ledger technology has attracted increasing attention, investments, enthusiasm, and user base. However, ongoing doubts about its usefulness and recent losses of trust in prominent cryptocurrencies have fueled deeply skeptical assessments. Multiple groups attempted to disentangle the technology from the associated hype and controversy by building workflows for rapid prototyping and informed decision-making, but their mostly isolated work leaves users only with fewer unclarities. To bridge the gaps between these contributions, we develop a holistic analytical framework and open-source web tool for making evidence-based decisions. Consisting of three stages - evaluation, elicitation, and design - the framework relies on input from the users' domain knowledge, maps their choices, and provides an output of needed technology bundles. We apply it to an example clinical use case to clarify the directions of our contribution charts for prototyping, hopefully driving the conversation towards ways to enhance further tools and approaches.