Personalized Stress Detection with Self-supervised Learned Features

Stefan Matthes, Zhiwei Han, Tianming Qiu, Bruno Michel, Sören Klingner, Hao Shen, Yuanting Liu and Bashar Altakrouri



Automated stress detection using physiological sensors is challenging due to inaccurate labeling and individual bias in the sensor data. Previous methods consider stress detection as a supervised classification task, where bad labeling leads to a large performance drop. Furthermore, the poor generalizability to unseen subjects reveals the importance of personalizing stress detection for both interand intra-individual sensor data variability. Towards this end we present a label-free feature extractor and an efficient personalization method with the ”human in the loop” approach. First, we capture the intra-individual variability and encode it in self-supervised learned features, which are usually well separable and independent of noisy stress labels. Next, personalization is achieved by assigning labels to critical reference points via very few interactions between subject and wearable device. The promising results of the conducted experiments show the effectiveness and efficiency of our proposed method.

subject terms: stress detection; self-supervised learning