AutoFOCUS 3 - Release Notes

New Features and Changes in AutoFOCUS 2.23

Service Oriented Architectures

  • Completely new modeling viewpoint for service oriented architecture (SOA) in expert mode


  • Improved modeling support for variability in the component architecture
  • New possibilities to model variability in state automata


  • Completely new deployment functionality to support easy deployment of models to fortissimo rovers (see


  • Various improvements to stability and user interface



FAQ - Installation and Running

  • On MacOS
    • You need to accept unknown developer certificates.
    • You need to move AutoFOCUS3 to your application folder.
    • If you get an error message on startup which says that AutoFOCUS3 is broken and cannot be started: open a terminal and use the following command:
      • sudo xattr -rd /Applications/
      • As our software is a scientific prototype, our product is not signed which causes a problem due to the security restrictions of MacOS
  • On Windows: DSE does not execute and throws exception
    • If you encounter the following exception when running a DSE you might be missing required libraries:
      java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: [...]\plugins\[...]\lib\x64\msvcp120.dll: Can't find dependent libraries
      Installing the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 fixes the problem.
  • AF3 does not start
    • Check, that the path to your AF3 (including the AF3 folder itself) does not contain spaces.
    • If the product does not start because the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) could not be created: Please update your Java installation to Java 11.0.7
  • Unpacking of AF3 zip file fails with 'Path too long' on Windows
    • Workaround: Unzip into your drive root, e.g., C:/ and give the folder a short name like 'af3'
  • Menu icons are not displayed on KDE
    • Go to "System settings - Application Style - GNOME Application Style".
    • Select "Show symbols of GTK buttons".
    • Select "Show symbols in GTK menus".


Detailed list of changes in 2.23:

  • Support hiddenInNonExpertView also for whole editors (#4300)
  • Transfer SOA basics/plugin into AF3 plugins for next release version (#4284)
  • Refactor info window about external references during reuse into a window with a scrollbar (#4265)
  • Safety Pattern Metamodel (#4242)
  • Support hiddenInNonExpertView also for context menu contributions (#4305)
  • Logical Architecture: Enable connections to be optional (#4282)
  • Variability: Add variability to state automata (#4281)
  • Variability: Presence Condition is unnecessarily updated, when property section is opened. (#4273)
  • [FF1 Generator] Avoid hard-coding the rovers' hostnames (#4255)
  • [FF1 Generator] Handle SSH authentication failures (#4253)
  • [FF1 Generator] Enable optional startup (#4252)
  • [FF1 Generator] Enable arbitrary allocations from tasks to execution units (#4251)
  • [FF1 Generator] Display the deployment output in a window (#4250)
  • Split ReuseLibraryUtils class into smaller utils classes (#4247)
  • [FF1 Generator] Refactor and consoldiate the current feature set (#4231)
  • [FMI] Redirect COE output / Hide COE output from the AF3 console (#4001)
  • [Cosimulation] Complete re-implementation of the cosimulation logic required (#3926)
  • Variability: FeatureModel is not loaded on tool start (#4239)
  • Fix maven-releng Docker image (#4238)
  • DSE solution table view: Enable sorting of columns (#4237)
  • Disambiguate names of (task) input ports generated for SOA architectures (#4235)
  • Prevent editing of constraint/objective names (#4234)
  • Apply autolayouter to architectures synthesized by DSE (#4232)
  • RAM Utilization Pattern (#4038)
  • Platform: At the tile level, the elements of the upper level are shown (#3982)
  • DSE: Wrong solution is exported from table visualization after sorting (#4274)
  • Enable deleting DSE configurations from model navigator (#4266)
  • [FMU Export] Sampling Time: Consider the case where no data dictionary has been created (#4263)
  • Concurrent Modification Exception when opening large model (#4111)
  • Memory Utilization Pattern erroneously uses task RAM instead of Flash requirements (#4037)