AutoFOCUS 3 - Release Notes

New Features and Changes in AutoFOCUS 2.21


  • Replaced the Library with a dedicated reuse mechanism, based on a dynamic library concept
  • Management of reusable components in user-defined libraries
  • Automated bi-directional update for reus(ed) elements from/to libraries


  • New 150% product-line engineering functionality
  • New Feature Models to model the configuration possibilities of a product-line
  • Possibility to link model elements to features in order to make them optional
  • New Configuration wizard and automated generation of variants for a product-line

Functional Architecture

  • There is a new functional viewpoint for capturing and modeling the function architecture of systems


  • The Deployment and Schedule synthesis can now operate on partial WCET specifications
  • Documentation overhaul

User Interface and Usability

  • All graphical component editors can now use the auto-layouting
  • The performance of the Annotations view was improved
  • The stability of various parts of the user interface was improved
  • Several bug fixes and improvements to the usability and functionality of the graphical user interface



FAQ - Installation and Running

  • On Windows: DSE does not execute and throws exception
    • If you encounter the following exception when running a DSE you might be missing required libraries:
      java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: [...]\plugins\[...]\lib\x64\msvcp120.dll: Can't find dependent libraries
      Installing the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 fixes the problem.
  • AF3 does not start
    • Check, that the path to your AF3 (including the AF3 folder itself) does not contain spaces.
    • If the product does not start because the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) could not be created: Please update your Java installation to Java 11.0.7
  • Unpacking of AF3 zip file fails with 'Path too long' on Windows
    • Workaround: Unzip into your drive root, e.g., C:/ and give the folder a short name like 'af3'
  • Menu icons are not displayed on KDE
    • Go to "System settings - Application Style - GNOME Application Style".
    • Select "Show symbols of GTK buttons".
    • Select "Show symbols in GTK menus".


Detailed list of changes in 2.21:

  • Variability in Logical Architecture (#3790)
  • Creating a No Migration Constraint - RISE (#4065)
  • Hierarchical platform: metamodel extensions (#4226)
  • [FMI] Provide useful error messages in case of failed transformations (#4168)
  • Improve error reporting if a transformation chain fails (#3638)
  • [Documentation] Add developer documentation for safetycases (#3753)
  • The order of the elements in the Marker View should be definable (to make sense) (#4225)
  • Sort prototype categories (#4220)
  • Review / clean up library metamodel (#4214)
  • Remove unused GEF/SWT editors/views (#3946)
  • Remove library view (#4161)
  • Import capability for library elements (#3996)
  • Show element diagram editor (#4202)
  • Implement selection of type in FX Data Dictionary editor editor (#4162)
  • Annotation View: Highlighting of rows and columns is sometimes counter-intuitive (#3083)
  • Annotation View: Performance improvements (#3145)
  • DSE: Better error handling for DSE backends (#4190)
  • Fix potential crash in parameter table editors (#4193)
  • SafetyPatterns: Avoid warning about non-existent EPackage (#4189)
  • Show errors during execution of EMF commands to user (#4169)
  • Deployment + Schedule synthesis for partial WCET specification (#4171)
  • [AF3] Add auto-layout to AF3 LWFXE component editor. (#3872)
  • Unset annotation value (#4170)
  • Zoom via Ctrl+Mouse Wheel does not work on Linux (#4164)
  • Comparison leads to removal of entries on creation of SuperSets (#4224)
  • Remove log4j from AF3 (#4185)
  • ModelContext(): Fix performance problems when loading model with many missing/erroneous IDs (#4180)
  • Add null check for model element handlers (#4179)