[Translate to English:] open-MaStR

[Translate to English:] open-MaStR

[Translate to English:] Software für die Arbeit mit dem Marktstammdatenregister


Open Data becomes a more and more important topic in the domain of energy system modelling. The python package open-MaStR enables the easy download and cleansing of the database “Marktstammdatenregister”, that offers detailed information on every power and gas unit which is located Germany.

The Marktstammdatenregister (MaStR) is a German register provided by the German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur, short: BNetzA) that keeps track of all power and gas units located in Germany.

The MaStR open data set can be browsed online on the website of the BNetzA, taken from daily provided dumps or be accessed via the web service. The python package open-MaStR focuses on the second and the third option. It provides a python interface for accessing data via the bulk download and the web service API and methods to clean the data. The cleaned data is then written to a database. The open-MaStR package hence provides an easy access to the dataset which is especially useful in the community of energy system researchers.


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