fortiss Bachelor’s/master’s practical course

Bachelor’s/master’s practical course

From sensors to driving functions – develop your own car

Bachelor’s/master’s practical course

The competence field Model-based Systems Engineering organizes together with the Chair of Software & Systems Engineering of the TU Munich the bachelor and master internship "Introduction to Model-based System Engineering - Develop Your Own Car".

Once a year (usually in winter semester), teams of four to five students work together in the fortiss Mobility Lab on various driving functions and scenarios. These are used to teach model-based engineering of cyber-physical systems in theory and practice. One example is platooning, an autonomous driving function that allows cars or trucks to drive behind each other at a very close distance to save fuel consumption.

Practical course content

In the internship, the participants work with the fortissimo Rovers (miniature vehicles equipped with sensors) and a simulation environment developed at fortiss to solve changing problems in the field of driver assistance functions and autonomous driving. They use the model-based systems engineering tool AutoFOCUS 3 developed at fortiss and other open-source tools to analyze and develop functions such as the following:

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Lane departure warning
  • Emergency brake assist
  • Joining or leaving of a platoon by a vehicle
  • Merging or separation of platoons

The participants will learn about the current status and the various phases of model-based systems engineering from the requirements to the validated and executable system by means of a continuous practical example. In addition, current research topics in the field of competence will be addressed.

The official application process runs via the TUM Matching Platform. Are you interested in our internship or do you want to learn more? Write to us, we will be happy to answer your questions!

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