Event AI to promote healthy and sustainable consumer behavior - Sustainable shopping assistant

Project closure

AI to promote healthy and sustainable consumer behavior - Sustainable shopping assistant

Sustainable and healthy nutrition should be comprehensible and easy to recognize for consumers. The main objective of the KI-SusCheck project is to develop a web-based app for food shopping. Based on the Sustainable Development Goals/SDG, relevant sustainability criteria were defined and a calculation model for the index was created. A basic concept for sustainable food choices specially developed in the project forms the technical basis for project development.

The research results and the developed prototype of a web app with an integrated chatbot for more sustainability in food shopping will also be used to develop and implement knowledge transfer concepts for the agriculture and food industry in the long term.

The final results of the project will be presented at the closing event. Peter Kuhn, research associate in the Platform Engineering competence field, will describe the fortiss middleware subproject in his presentation “KISusCheck” with integrated chatbot and sustainability index. He was responsible for project management at fortiss and for the prototypical implementation of the technical building blocks.

The chatbot's output is based on a compendium of questions and answers on sustainability topics. By integrating the "IBM Food Trust Platform”, the project promotes the creation of transparency in the food chain. This provides consumers with important information on the origin, cultivation, and production of food.


30. November 2023, 11.00 – 16.00 h


IBM Watson Center Munich, Highlight Towers
Conference room 2912, Floor 29
Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 8
80807 Munich



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