Big Data Guideline

Big data for small-to-medium enterprises made easy

The potential to profit from the use of big data represents a crucial competitive advantage for companies in the metal and electronics industry (M+E). To date however, small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in particular have seldom exploited the potential of big data technologies. With this in mind, fortiss has developed a big data guideline for the SME sector.

Technology developments based on large-scale, highly-available volumes of data are gaining further importance in the M+E industry as well. With these technologies, companies can reduce production rejects and predict necessary maintenance measures or the networking of an entire supply chain, among other things. However, introducing big data technologies requires considerable effort, especially for SMEs. In many cases companies lack the know-how and experience to carry out such projects on their own. To streamline these efforts, fortiss collaborated with Kompetenzzentrum Mittelstand GmbH (KME) to develop a big data guideline. The corresponding research project concluded with an event in June 2020 to mark its successful completion.

fortiss scientists Julius Baecker (project coordinator and point of contact), , Alexandra Derntl, Alejandro Arreola Gonzalez and Arne Seeliger from the Business Model and Service Engineering field of competence pursued the goal of developing a method that makes it possible for SMEs in the M+E industry to identify big data’s potential and carry out the associated projects on their own. The fortiss team worked with four Bavarian SMEs in the M+E sector during the entire the research project, including involvement in the execution of big data projects.

The guideline provides targeted assistance for every phase of the project, from the design of proprietary application scenarios and the initial evaluation of the company’s own data, to prototype implementation. Other tools include project implementation descriptions, workshop templates for use in the company, tips and suggestions derived from experience and checklists designed to streamline the transition between phases.

In collaboration with KME, the practice-oriented guideline will be made available to the members of bayme and vbm (metals and electronic industry associations in Bavaria) as an independent part of the research report.

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