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Software Eats the world

In the whitepaper “Software Eats the World”, fortiss founder Prof. Manfred Broy lays out 10 theories that shed light on the significance of software.

Information technology possesses a relentless power to innovate. Electronic hardware with rapidly-progressing technology, strong demand for situation- and time-based services, information and assistance systems in both private and business environments, expanded device functionality through embedded software, and the sheer unlimited opportunities for connecting information and services in order to realize new applications for business and society…all of these issues are driving in-depth technology and market innovations. Information technology is having a strong leverage effect in this situation. When it comes to growth and the ability to complete in the future, entire fields of industry are highly dependent on information technologies. The innovative implementation of information technologies is changing and dominating the competitive environment in many different markets.

Information technology is increasingly becoming a strategic success factor for nearly all business enterprises. Whether companies can compete is greatly dependent on the ability to innovatively design, rapidly develop, and operate and adapt high-quality software systems over long periods of time. It often happens that management fails to adequately recognize this strategic role that software plays.


The whitepaper Software Eats the World is available for download here.

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