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Open source software creates room for innovation

Whether autonomous driving, machine learning, the Industrial Internet of Things or artificial intelligence, each of these innovative technologies is associated with various open-source tools in numerous applications. fortiss offers a broad portfolio of open-source software for various application domains, thus opening up the opportunity to build on an immense amount of valuable experience from the talented scientists at fortiss.

Open-source software is a significant factor for the digital transformation, both at the technical and social level. The type of license ensures that the code is open to anyone at no charge. For this reason, open-source software is meanwhile a vital aspect of the digital economy and is employed by both companies and public administration organizations.

The advantages are clear. Open-source software is considered versatile, secure and flexible, saves significant costs and is often viewed as a business enabler for new innovations. This is why companies are increasingly focusing on open-source software as a flexible and cost-effective way to evaluate technologically-feasible and innovation changes.

According to a survey conducted by the Bitkom digital association in its 2021 Open-Source-Monitor, around 75 percent of the companies are generally interested in and are open to the topic of open-source software. Nearly every third large company in Germany (31 percent) is actively participating in the development of open-source software. And more than two-thirds of companies with at least 100 employees (69 percent) indicate they are purposely utilizing open-source software and are thus pursuing the goal of reducing costs.

Important contribution to digitalization

The research institute of the Free State of Bavaria for software-intensive systems and services has a portfolio of tools available under various open-source licenses for general use in a free, reliable and sustainable manner. By making the software available, the institute wants to further advance creative, scientific and technological progress in the areas of research, development, production, administration and education.

These software tools conserve the knowledge acquired and tested by fortiss in numerous research projects, which is already demonstrating its continuous impact as a research driver in various application domains today. fortiss scientists share their findings, ideas and of course their code, in order to develop leading-edge innovation software solutions and at the same provide transparency to the institute’s activities.

As a practice-oriented research institute, fortiss places a special focus on transferring current research results into targeted applications. Open-source tools offer excellent opportunities to illustrate examples of various methods and algorithms. They also enable continuous access to research activities, offer an ideal platform for the development of sustainable software as prototypes and are employed as training and education environments for university students and young scientists.

Uncomplicated path from research to application

The utilization of open-source software is an especially attractive approach thanks to a simple licensing model and uncomplicated patent utilization rights. The software is already employed in various industrial case studies together with cooperation partners and ported over to individual company applications, including industrial automation, autonomous driving, energy management, artificial intelligence and safety-critical embedded systems.

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