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New functions for the development of complex systems

The complexity of modern software-intensive systems is increasing rapidly in all sectors. To meet this challenge, industry is increasingly adopting model-based systems engineering (MBSE). AutoFOCUS 3 (AF3) is a proven research platform that implements the latest results from fortiss in the field of model-based development. AF3 is available as open source software, and the new version 2.24 offers numerous new functions that further enhance the platform's capabilities.

AutoFOCUS 3 (AF3) is an open-source research platform for model-based systems engineering (MBSE) that has been providing innovative solutions for software-intensive systems for over ten years. The platform not only implements and validates the latest research results, but also demonstrates how a user-friendly application is possible. AF3 is used successfully in research projects, in demonstrators in the fortiss Mobility Lab and in courses at the Technical University of Munich (e.g. in the Bachelor's and Master's practical course "Introduction to Model-based System Engineering - Develop Your Own Car").

Innovation platform for software-intensive systems

AF3 follows the Software Platform Embedded Systems SPES methodology and covers key phases in the development of software-intensive systems: From requirements elicitation to the design and development of logical and technical system architectures and components (including code generation) and on to verification and safety argumentation.

Based on semantically rich models, the tool enables parts of these tasks to be automated and shifted to earlier development phases in order to save development costs and time (e.g. exploration of HW/SW architectures, functional simulation and co-simulation, product line analysis). The tool supports standards such as the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) for co-simulation, the Goal-Structuring Notation (GSN) for modeling safety argumentation and, with the latest update, the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) 1.6 (export).

New functions and improvements in version 2.24

Version 2.24 of AutoFOCUS 3 has been enhanced with numerous research results and functionalities. A completely new wizard for capturing and comparing model metrics has been implemented, which enables analysis and targeted improvement of model quality. Another new feature is the ability to export models to the widely used SysML 1.6 standard for the Enterprise Architect, Magic Draw and Papyrus tools. As an extension for modeling and managing variability, an advanced analysis of product lines has been added, which enables automatic and continuous analysis of all possible system variants.

In addition to bug fixes, many other improvements have been made in all areas of the tool in the current version. These include, for example, more flexible operation of the exploration of design alternatives for system architectures and an improved user interface for the reuse of library components.

Further information and a free download can be found on the AF3 software page.

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