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Application-based introduction of model-based systems engineering

In a new fortiss white paper the authors explain the key findings related to model-based systems engineering (MbSE) over the past 10 years and describe the challenges involved in introducing MBSE, the methods-based approach for MbSE and the concrete, structured introduction using the MbSE maturity model.

Technical systems with a high proportion of software – so-called cyber physical systems such vehicles, aircraft or production systems – are having a growing influence on our daily lives. The complexity of these systems, as well the expectations for availability, safety, usability and functional scope, are constantly increasing at the same time. The introduction of model-based systems engineering (MbSE) aims to improve how these complex systems are managed.

Today, cyber physical systems are being developed across a wide array of organizations, disciplines and application domains. Over the past 10 years fortiss has created the scientific foundation for development of these systems and actively helped shape a corresponding methodology through a series of large-scale research projects.

In these so-called SPES-Projects (SPES2020, SPES_XT, SPEDiT, CrESt), German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), fortiss collaborated with 30 partners from science and industry and reached the conclusion that in the future the targeted development of cyber physical systems will only be possible with a model-based approach.


The white paper Application-based Introduction of MbSE is available for download here.

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