Council discussion

From Fake News to Deep Fake


The Bavarian Journalists Association (BJV), the International Press Club of Munich and the Technical Literary Society (TELI) in cooperation with fortiss invite to a panel discussion on July 10th, 2019: "From fake news to deep fake: total image and language manipulation - what journalists should know". Also on the podium are two fortiss experts who inform about the state of the art of AI technology and the possibilities to detect counterfeits.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has potential: for better or for worse. It can, for example, relieve the burden on doctors in diagnostics. AI can also be used to manipulate images, speech and videos. For example, politicians are given false statements in their mouths or the faces of celebrities are mounted in porn videos. These so-called deep fakes are so well done that they are hardly recognizable - which is why the Suddeutsche Zeitung research team took so long to verify the so-called Strache-Video.

What consequences do serious manipulations have for the credibility of (moving) images and sound in our audiovisual society? What skills do journalists need to recognise manipulations? Which slogans do scientists recommend to control artificial intelligence? What digital ethics do we need to live together in trust in the digital age?

These and other questions will be addressed by the participants of the panel discussion. The keynote lecture will be given by fortiss researchers Dr. Hao Shen and Julian Wörmann.


Discuss on the panel:

  • Wolfgang C. Goede, science journalist and TELI board member
  • Prof. Dr. phil. Sonja Kretzschmar, Professorship for Innovation in Journalism, Bundeswehr University Munich
  • Dr. Hao Shen and Julian Wormann, Machine Learning, fortiss
  • Johanna Wild, online journalist, founder of the digital fact-checking agency wafana, coordinator for tool development and AI at the investigative research network Bellingcat


Moderation: Arno Kral, technology journalist and TELI Chairman

Date: 10.07.2019, 7-8.30 p.m

Location: International PressClub of Munich, Marienplatz 22 (entrance Rindermarkt), 4th floor