Definition of an integrated development environment for the aerospace industry


The goal of IDEA is to define an "integrated development environment for aerospace", and in general for cyber-physical systems.

Project description

The methods and modular toolkits will be tailored to the needs (approval aspects) of the aerospace industry, consistent with Flighpath 2050, and will be designed to support the entire development process for fault-tolerant, safety-critical embedded systems. This will be achieved through a wide spectrum of participating companies, including system manufacturers/OEM, suppliers/TIER1, service providers, technology suppliers, universities and research institutes. Participating companies can utilize the methods and modular toolkits with their own specific development process.

Research contribution

Definition of an integrated development environment covering the entire development process for cyber-physical systems for the aerospace industry

Project duration

01.01.19 - 31.12.22

 Tiziano Munaro

Your contact

Tiziano Munaro

+49 89 3603522 165

Project partner


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  • 2021 RMC Factory: A New Approach for Avionics Software Reuse Laurent Dieudonne, Andreas Bayha and Benedikt Müller In 3rd Workshop on Avionics Systems and Software Engineering (AvioSE21, SE 2021 Satellite Events), volume 2814, CEUR-WS. Details URL BIB