Interactive Image Restoration

Zhiwei Han, Thomas Weber, Stefan Matthes, Yuanting Liu and Hao Shen

Human-centric Machine Learning Workshop, (1910.11059)



Machine learning and many of its applications are considered hard to approach due to their complexity and lack of transparency. One mission of human-centric machine learning is to improve algorithm transparency and user satisfaction while ensuring an acceptable task accuracy. In this work, we present an interactive image restoration framework, which exploits both image prior and human painting knowledge in an iterative manner such that they can boost on each other. Additionally, in this system users can repeatedly get feedback of their interactions from the restoration progress. This informs the users about their impact on the restoration results, which leads to better sense of control, which can lead to greater trust and approachability. The positive results of both objective and subjective evaluation indicate that, our interactive approach positively contributes to the approachability of restoration algorithms in terms of algorithm performance and user experience.