Kick-off meeting

EU-IoT helps to shape a digital Europe

Apart from other leading-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), 5G and cloud computing, for Europe the Internet of Things (IoT) is making an important contribution toward achieving the goals of the European data strategy, economic stimulus plan and green deal. In order to come one step close to this project, a virtual kick-off meeting was held on October 22, 2020 to officially launch the EU-IoT project.

The focus of this EU-funded program is the development and introduction of a sustainable and secure Internet of Things (IoT) system in Europe. As a first step, the project partners are creating a strategy for a common and open ecosystem designed to streamline the development of an independent European IoT community. The fortiss Industrial Internet of Things field of competence, under the direction of Dr. Rute Sofia, will brings its scientific expertise and support the project for the next three years.

The fortiss team of scientists is responsible for the work package that will ensure the coordination of the standardization, as well as the connection to open-source initiatives and the entire IoT community. The specific activities include providing IoT research guidelines for the development of standards (especially edge computing), coordinated measures for training and education on different issues related to the European IoT ecosystem and coordinated mapping of open-source results in ICT-567 and next generation IoT projects. fortiss will also organize the EU-IoT hackathon in 2022 within the framework of the EU-IoT event. 

Apart from fortiss, other members of the IoT consortium include the companies IntraSoft and BluSpecs, plus the University of Aarhus. Consulting company Martel Innovate will be responsible for the project coordination. All of the participants are pursuing the goal of further expanding the European IoT community, linking the existing know-how in a better fashion and using this as a foundation to create strategic partnerships that will enable long-term collaboration in the future. A detailed overview of the key activities, as well as the goals and tasks of the EU-IoT, are available on the fortiss EU-IoT project website or the official NGIoT website.

The partners will begin their collaboration in the late fall of this year in the midst of the challenging covid 19 crisis and during the transition of the current Horizon 2020 European research program to the new Horizon Europe EU framework program for research and innovation. In this context, the EU-IoT project will contribute to better collaboration between the various initiatives at the overall European level, including the European cloud initiative and the GAIA-X initiative.

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