European data and cloud sovereignty made in Bavaria

Sending a strong signal, the European Union is setting out to build a sovereign, federal data infrastructure. Referred to as GAIA-X, the project, which involves numerous European representatives from industry, science and public administration, will serve as the development of a high-performance, competitive, secure and trustworthy digital ecosystem for Europe. fortiss is a Day-1 Member and contributes significantly to the goals of the initiative with its expertise in the field of intelligent infrastructures.

GAIA-X is a broad-based European project under the leadership of the GAIA-X foundation AISBL, an international non-profit organization. The organization, created by providers and users of cloud services, science and associations, underscores the commitment to a transparent process with broad participation. Besides fortiss, BMW, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Robert Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, SAP and Siemens, among others, will also contribute to this process from the German side.

Data is the raw material of the future

In the future, data will remain both a business product, as well as a social asset. This places even more importance on ensuring that innovations occur within a trustworthy and secure environment and that the appeal of digital services is strengthened. All of this assumes digital sovereignty and control over the data value chain, because this is the only way for European companies and business models to remain competitive and safeguard jobs.

To build and operate the infrastructure, fortiss will provide its expertise in the field of intelligent infrastructures. This includes topics such as traceability in decentralized clouds, regulatory compliance and cloud edge services.The institute is already testing cloud-based solutions in various fields of application in several ongoing research projects. “One this is clear; we quickly need a European alternative to existing cloud infrastructures that are often subject to the Cloud Act, because this is the only way to ensure data sovereignty with European values. fortiss will fully commit to GAIA-X from the start, and we are proud that we can make a contribution with our BayernCloud know-how and our solutions,” says fortiss Scientific Managing Director Dr. Harald Rueß with conviction.

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GAIA-X: A next-generation European data infrastructure
Quelle: Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi)

Bavarian solutions for Europe

The BayernCloud project is already impressively demonstrating how data and services are made available, merged and shared in a trustworthy manner in an open and transparent digital ecosystem platform. In this case, a cloud-based digital solution for the small-to-medium size enterprise (SME) sector was designed and then tested with a tourism industry application.  The results of the research activities successfully demonstrate how a scalable digital data infrastructure has to be developed in order to optimize existing processes and promote synergies on an industry-wide and industry-specific basis. The concept should be easily, quickly and cost-effectively implemented, economically viable and enable SMEs in particular to participate in digitalization.

 Within GAIA-X, fortiss will continue to focus on the strong Bavarian SME sector and work specifically to help create the conditions for the secure exchange of data in order to send a strong bavarian signal in the highly-competitive market for cloud-based solutions.

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