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European strategy paper for the Internet of the future published

Dr. Rute Sofia.
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) competence field manager Dr. Rute Sofia.

fortiss made a major contribution to the strategic research and innovation agenda (SRIA) document recently published by the NetWorld2020 European technology platform (ETP). fortiss scientist Dr. Rute Sofia, in her publication “Intelligent Networks in the Context of NGI”, provides an outlook on the development of network architectures for satellite communication and describes evolutionary aspects of edge computing.

The SRIA document, published at the beginning of September, is an open, collaborative work comprising contributions by 150 experts from roughly 90 organizations. 60 percent of the contributions originated from the field of research. The strategy paper encompasses not only numerous papers on the topic of 5G from industry and science experts. It also provides an outlook on 7G, which includes wireless, cellular and intelligent satellite constellations.

“Intelligent Networks in the Context of NGI” contains a comprehensive depiction of services and system architectures, all the way down to communications at the physical layer. It also serves as the foundation for sustainable communications technology development, which has to be met with feasible goals and could gradually lead to future 6G systems. In collaboration with Siemens CT and the German Aerospace Center (DLR), fortiss developed the section “Evolution of Networking Architectures“. fortiss scientists also contributed the chapters on “Containers and Container Orchestration“and “Edge AI“.

The recommendations and results outlined in the document are in keeping with the increasing need to research the development of communications with the help of a multidisciplinary approach. The idea is ensure that future communications technologies are intertwined more closely with the development of cyber-physical systems, software, cyber security and artificial intelligence.


Additional information:
NetWorld2020 is the European technology platform for communications networks and services. It represents more than 1,000 organizations and brings together the key players in the communications sector, from industry leaders and innovative SMEs to leading academic institutes. In the area of research, NetWorld2020 makes major contributions to the definition of research projects in the field of communications systems and networks.

The strategic research and innovation agenda (SRIA) provides an outlook for numerous key areas that, in the view of the European research community, are relevant to the future of communications technologies in Europe and around the world. The goals for sustainable development specified by the United Nations and the European Union serve as the foundation for the SRIA.

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