Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial Internet of Things

The next generation of services and applications

Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) field of competence focuses on the harmonization of novel communication and computational architectures with the aim of implementing heterogeneous and decentralized services and resources in an efficient, robust, and where possible, forward-looking manner.

These activities are carried out by developing software-based solutions for OSI layers 2 and above in the context of three primary fields of research:

  • decentralized edge computing
  • real-time system adaptation
  • in-network computing and analysis


Enable next-generation IIoT applications, such as video streaming, immersive AR/VR, swarms of production robots, autonomous vehicles and their infrastructure and micro grids/sector coupling.

Rethink, develop, and validate IIoT systems that consolidate data processing, communication, and service automation.


  • Research aimed at new directions in decentralized eEdge/fFog/cCloud cComputing.
  • Support for the integration of decentralizzed data exchange in industrial environments via novel PubSub (Publish-Subscribe) approaches.
  • Optimization ofSupporting bandwidth-intensive IIoT applications through improvement of communication protocol performance and development of more flexible infrastructures.
  • Training and education, such as hands-on workshops for edge computing and technical mentorship in the area of advanced IIoT systems.


Prof. Dr. Rute Sofia

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Prof. Dr. Rute Sofia

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