Goods and know-how – intelligent connectivity platform for business relationships


In light of the rapid technology and societal changes spurred by digitalization, companies are facing enormous challenges with respect to business dynamics and relationships.

Project description

Business relationships arise when matching demand and supply come together. Here, digitalization effectively leads to changing conditions marked by increased flexibility, mobility and agility. On the one hand, shortened innovation cycles raise expectations when it comes to the speed at which the market potential for products and services (goods) is analyzed. On the other hand, from the point of view of specific expertise and interdisciplinary expertise (know-how), structuring alliances between suitable companies to pursue joint projects demands increasing flexibility.

The massive volumes of data that have to be processed, plus the inherent dynamic nature of the data, makes it nearly impossible to utilize conventional manual analysis methods. This project thus aims to facilitate the aforementioned organizational aspects of forming business relationships by relying on artificial intelligence methods and by efficiently evaluating knowledge from the analysis of Big Data to the benefit of all participants.

Research contribution

Conducting research into the effective representation and information extraction of non-homogeneous data sets; researching the effective representation of relationships between entities.

Project duration

01.05.2019 – 31.10.2021

Dr. Julian Wörmann

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Dr. Julian Wörmann

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