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HumaneAI in a nutshell.

fortiss joins the European HumanE AI initiative Numerous European research centers, universities and industry representatives have joined forces to create the “HumanE AI” research initiative with the aim of bundling existing knowledge and experiences in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). As a partner in the European-wide project, fortiss will contribute expertise from its Human-centered Engineering field of competence.

Under the leadership of Dr. Yuanting Liu, the institute will concentrate its research activities on human-centered machine learning with a focus on aerospace applications, among other areas. In this area, fortiss researchers are working on the topic of single pilot for an intelligent cockpit and training assistance system, which involves novel approaches for autonomous flying and human-AI collaboration. AI technologies raise the level of automation in the cockpit and help pilots with the in-flight decision-making process. The project results will flow into the next generation of commercial aircraft applications.

Within the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH), the research institute of the Free State of Bavaria is responsible for networking the various project partners and the exchange of information. The high-level goal is to strengthen small-to-medium enterprises and promote a start-up community. Beyond the research and coordination activities, fortiss is also planning a doctoral program to provide these students increased opportunities to network and exchange knowledge and experiences with the cooperation partners.

More than 20 European countries and nearly 50 project partners – including large companies such as AG, AIRBUS, ING AG, Philips and the Thales Group - are participating in the joint European project HumanE AI. The three-year project is scheduled to begin in September 2020. The partners are pursuing the common goal of developing human- and society-centric AI technologies that align with Europe’s ethical values and social, cultural, legal and political norms. The central challenge is the development of robust, trustworthy artificial intelligence that humans “understand” and which is able to adapt itself to different situations and properly interact in a complex social environment. AI-supported systems are intended to complement human intelligence, not replace it. The HumanE AI initiative will bring the European AI community together and simplify further collaboration in the development of innovations in European companies.

To ensure that the research results can be applied to business- and society-relevant areas, the initiative will make the acquired research results available within an AI ecosystem by pursuing concrete developments in important fields of research such as mobility, finance, Industry 4.0, health care, society, government, science and education. Here fortiss will place special value on providing small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) streamlined access to state-of-the-art AI technologies, training programs and consulting services, in addition to all European AI innovations, so that these can be developed into specific new products, processes or services.

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