Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Guaranteeing secure systems in software and system development

Safety and Security

The increasing complexity and connectivity of modern digital systems presents a major challenge for ensuring safety and security. Given the growing degree of connectivity, in order to validate functional safety, the ability to safeguard systems against security attacks is becoming more important as well.

Our research activities thus focus on the development of methods for the integrated handling of safety and security in software and system development. We conduct research into new engineering principles and methods that support the validation of safety and security by taking into account how these two aspects are linked. To do that we develop computer-aided methods for creating, managing and analyzing safety and security verifications in software and system development.

Our activities are based on formal models and methods, which we rely on to develop automated methods for practical use. Examples include the automated extraction of security-relevant information from safety analyses, the analysis of conflicts and synergies between safety and security information, the computer-aided analysis of system architectures, as well as the creation of safety and security verifications with the help of static software analysis, model-testing and software verification tools.

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