Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Development of solutions involving data and knowledge

Machine Learning

In the Machine Learning field of competence, we view ourselves as trailblazers, both in terms of research, as well as in the beneficial application of this technology in industrial environments. Machine learning utilizes predefined examples with the aim of solving issues. Although machines do not possess the same capacity for learning as humans, they can be designed such that can help us in complex environments, such as autonomous driving, medical diagnostics or predictive maintenance.

Our research centers around two areas in particular: reinforcement learning and representation learning. We also focus on the development of strategies that increase the extent to which data-driven approaches are able to adapt to changing conditions, thus making these approaches a more constant factor than changes. The fields of application include image and language processing, autonomous navigation and recommender systems. We have set out to acquire an in-depth understanding of machine learning, plus its concepts and application scenarios, which is a prerequisite for the efficient deployment of these technologies in real environments.

In order to simplify the transfer of technology, our field of competence operates the “One Stop Shop” Machine Learning Lab (One-ML), where we offer our partners and other interested organizations in industry, training and education and society, a range of services from a single source. These services include technical coaching in the area of machine learning, consulting on various topics - from theory and development to implementation - as well as public presentations outlining the opportunities and risks associated with machine learning.

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