Avionik System Software Embedded Technologie-2


Harmonize and optimize software development processes for cyber-physical systems.

Project description

Optimization of software development processes can only be ensured by the cross-company and cross-disciplinary understanding and design capability of software components. With the contents to be developed in ASSET-2, the national and international market can be opened up with products for complex systems and the market share can be further expanded.

Especially, in the individual development phases, the complexity (and thus also the costs) of software have increased disproportionately in recent years at all levels - from the overall system to the sub-system levels to the individual electronic components. In order to offer the products on the market at a reasonable price and to remain competitive, the development costs in the area of software development must be drastically reduced (30%). A significant improvement is not possible from one company alone.

Only the broadly based ASSET-2 consortium with the same challenges has the possibility to solve this task in a network. In order to provide scientific support and introduce new solution approaches, research institutions and universities are integrated into the consortium.

Research contribution

In this project fortiss is working on methods and tools to reduce the costs of the overall development process. In particular we focus on re-usability of certification efforts (from requirements to tests), automatic test case generation, collaborative (multi-user) development and security aspects.

Project duration

01.03.2017 - 31.03.2020

Project partner

DIEHL AviationAIRBUSLiebherrNord-Micro GmbH & Co OHGPhilotech Systementwicklung und Software GmbHTechnische Hochschule IngolstadtAerospace Embedded Solutions GmbHSILVER ATENA Electronic Systems Engineering GmbH