QuickCheck Digitization 1

QuickCheck Digitization 1

Overview of the degree of digitization in a company

QuickCheck Digitization 1

Design of a questionnaire to estimate the positioning of small and medium-sized enterprises that are members of bayme vbm (Bavarian employers’ associations for the metalworking and electrical Industries) with respect to digitization.

Projekt description

With the QuickCheck Digitization 1, members of bayme vbm get a well-founded overview of their company's digitization level. This provides a valuable basis for shaping the company's digital transformation journey. fortiss developed the QuickCheck Digitization 1 in cooperation with the Chair of Information Systems at the Technical University of Munich, exclusively for members of bayme vbm and it is suitable for both manufacturing and non-manufacturing firms in the metalworking and electrical industries.

Subdivided into a wide range of topics, the participants gather essential information regarding their company's degree of digitization on an online platform specifically developed for this purpose. The participants can decide which aspects are particularly relevant to them in this context. Based on the gathered information, fortiss performs an initial analysis of the digitization level in the areas of production, product development, production planning, maintenance, procurement and sales, as well as product and service portfolios. The individual QuickCheck results are then presented on-site and discussed with executives and selected managers during a one-day strategic workshop. They receive a detailed overview of the analysis in relation to (benchmark) all other QuickCheck participants. Together with fortiss experts, decision makers identify individual action items with the aim of advancing digitization. To round off, participants receive an individual final documentation.

After the half- to one-day workshop, Quick Check participants can continue to perform a constantly updated benchmark on the online platform. The benchmark allows the companies to compare their own survey results with the average value of the remaining metalworking and electric companies in Bavaria, which have already taken part in the QuickCheck. On demand, they can differentiate according to self-determined criteria such as industry, turnover and number of employees. Accordingly, the reference values ​​for participants can change over time. As a result, the members of bayme vbm are able to check in long intervals how their company-specific benchmark result changes.

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Since July 2015

 Norman Schaffer

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Norman Schaffer

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bayme vbn Verband der Bayerischen Metall- und Elektro-IndustrieTechnische Universität München Lehrstuhl Wirtschaftinformatik