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The SUGAR format is a platform developed by the Center of Applied AI that offers companies simple access to know-how from university students in the technical disciplines. What makes it unique is that the team relied on design thinking to select a user-centric and iterative method for the project.

Project description

Using design thinking methods and tools, the team, composed of three to four students from the Technical University Munich, works with another team of students from an international university (should a global team be desired) for exactly 10 months on a specific challenge defined by the company. The result is the development of a final prototype that serves as a solution for the company’s challenge.

What we offer?

  • Customer insights: interview-based insights and tests with potential customers
  • Prototypes: more than 50 tested prototypes in different stages of development, plus a final prototype that represents a solution to a specific challenge
  • Presentations: regular in-house presentations regarding the status of the project
  • Design thinking workshops for up to five employees
  • Documentation: easy-to-understand documentation

Our key success factors for innovation

  • Design Thinking: a method for the user-centric development of innovations
  • Team: selected master’s students with an open mindset and high level of motivation
  • Network: a network of international universities
  • Environment: a work environment that promotes innovation and collaboration
  • Expertise: extensive project experience with research and industry partners

Sounds interesting? Interest in Design Thinking? We would be happy to send you additional information and meet with you to discuss your needs in more detail. Interested companies may apply from July to September.

Project duration

01.10.2019 - 30.11.2020

 Norman Schaffer

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Norman Schaffer

+49 89 3603522 451

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Project partner

Technische Universität München TUMSUGAR Network